Full blast

This whole album is so fucking. What’s even funnier is the fact they don’t mess with my car , or devices cause they know I’m very mechanically and technologically inclined. My life would legit be boring without #URANIUM FEVER HAS DONE AND GOT ME DOWN! #URANIUM FEVER IS SPREADING ALL AROUND! With a Geiger Counter in my hand (I'm a-goin' out to stake me some government land) #URANIUM FEVER HAS DONE. AND. GOT. ME. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN. So the current state of Ranger is not so great, but I have found great success with this build on GM1 and GM2. Full Blast Damage Build ( https://youtu.be/DRSnNhOSD-E) Not my best "Temple of the Scar" to highlight this build but I wanted to get the build out as I have been putting it off making it for way longer then I should have. _______________________________________ Strengths Low Cool-downs High Burst Decent Sustain Damage Tarsis is a Legendary/Boss killer Not fully relia. Hi folks Has anyone tried out to jump over the upper bunker directly? We get a nice tailwind. Is it possible? What do you think? The lay-up makes the eagle quite hard and I am scared of the rough bump with all that tailwind. Thx for insight.